Finding Otto. The beginning.

Since discovering our first Volkswagen cocktail bar in Bangkok, Thailand in 2009 we have always dreamed of owning such a brilliant and quirky mobile cocktail bar.

Obviously these old Volkswagen T2 vans don’t come cheap and in late 2016 as Flash Photobooths expanded and we looked for new fun ideas, it was time to start looking for our van.

We discovered ‘Otto’ in Greece in early January. We wanted to bring one back from the Mediterranean as they have less salt on their roads and therefor the old Volkswagens tend to be more solid with all there original body parts.

As you can see from the pictures below, we had a lot to do!

Volkswagen Beer Van

Volkswagen Cocktail Van Volkswagen cocktail van

Although the Volkswagen van doesn’t look it, he’s actually in great order as everything is original and solid.

He obviously needs some attention and after striping him down we started at the bare metal.