Preparing for the Tuv and rebuilding the engine.

Between events in 2018-2019 we started to get the cocktail bar ready for the Tuv. We ran it down to Hamburg Tuv centre where we had a list of things to correct.

After the first Tuv inspection we had a long list to go through so we lifted him up on the ramps and spent a few days changing the ball joints, steering track and rods. Full new brakes from front to rear, new speedometer cable, new rear exhaust back-box and heating pipe. Wired up the reversing lights and changed the rear light lenses. Replaced the washer pipe, horn headlight relay and engine mounts.

After removing and rebuilding the carb and cleaning it for the second time we finally passed the emissions test and got him a Tuv and registered for the road. Back on the German roads for the first time in 40 years.

Unfortunately he was still lacking power on the hills and seemed to be running only on 3 cylinders. After a compression test it was bad news. During the winter of 2018 – early 2019 we i decided to whip the engine out and start working on him.

I striped the engine down, replaced the valves, piston rings and cleaned off all the years of sludge from the rods and top end and back she went. Although the power is up i have been having some carb issues and i think its time to remove the carb again for the 3rd time and give it another clean. Fuel seems to be leaking out of it so i guess another fuel filter is probably on the carbs. Stay tuned for 2020 repairs 🙁